Here are a few examples of how the PDR (Paintless Dent Removal) process can remove dents in aluminum panels.

As you will see, it takes patience and tenacity.

Aluminum PDR repairs require an understanding of what is happening with the metal. Aluminum doesn't have a memory like steel, which most vehicles are made of, and takes a lot of manipulation to repair properly.

With soaking pushes, needle tips, and a polished tap down, Dent Vanish AZ can handle most Aluminum Dent Repair needs.

Many vehicles these days have aluminum panels throughout. Although this has many benefits for the manufacturer, it can be tough to repair properly.

Dent Vanish AZ has repaired aluminum panels of all kinds. From Classics and Exotics to Tesla and Mercedes here are a few more examples of some Aluminum Dent Repair using PDR.

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