The easiest way to put it is... a slight wobble vs "like it never happened" 🤷‍♂️

When estimating dents and dings for our customers we typically offer two different repair/pricing options: Retail Quality and Lease Return Quality.

What exactly does that mean? Glad you asked!

When we quote Retail Quality PDR we are referring to roughly a 95%+ improvement while Lease Return Quality is closer to an 85% improvement. Check out the video below on what to expect with a Retail Quality repair.
Retail Quality 95%+ repair

Our customers situations are all unique.

In order to clearly communicate the results our customers can expect with Paintless Dent Repair, we have decided to offer a couple different repair/pricing options.

Retail Quality dent repairs allow us to spend that extra time to remove as many imperfections as possible and is the closest repair you can get that looks like the damage never happened. We take the time to match the texture of the factory paint and make sure we repair this to the highest quality possible using PDR. Although we rarely quote a 100% repair, most of our customers can't even tell the damage existed.

Lease return quality is typically discounted 20-30% off of Retail Pricing. We remove the bulk of the damage but do not get into the finer detail of "finishing" the damage. This is the part of the repair that takes the most time. We are able to get to an 85% improvement much faster than 95%+ and thats why we can offer the discounted pricing.

This video portrays what a Lease Return Quality or 85% repair looks like. This Audi Q7 was hit on the corner of a house, leaving a large Bodyline dent on the aluminum fender and left behind heavy scratches

The aluminum had a small tear in the corner and needed paint touchup in a few spots. Instead of taking it to the body shop they opted for PDR. With these videos you can see the difference between both repair options and the type of quality you can expect when using Dent Vanish AZ Paintless Dent Repair.

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